Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lola's Progress

I have been amazed by her ability to so quickly adapt to going blind very suddenly. She already makes it around the apartment rarely bumping into things in a matter of days. I took her out to my cousins house yesterday. I was worried she would be really nervous about not having the place memorized. She had been there several times. She came in and did run into some things. I kept her on her leash for a short time and walked her around the place so she could get used to it. I took off her leash and she did wonderfully. Even their dog was careful around her. It makes me feel so much better that she is going to be just fine. I notice she gets frustrated sometimes and wines but gets through it and is confident again.
My dream has always been to live on the sailboat I was looking for when she lost her sight. I don't think right now I will continue that search but in the future we will see. She has been good on the boat I have now but it isn't big enough to live on. That is why I was looking to buy a bigger boat as soon as this one sells. Some things have to wait. It's ok I just want her and I to be happy and comfortable. 
I did order her some doggles. I thought it would help to protect those beautiful big brown eyes. All I need is for her to poke her eye and have that injury to deal with. They look like they will be very cute as well. I just hope she will wear them.


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